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About Us

imageMcDonnell Property Management Corporation is an established real estate agency, known to create favorable and convenient deals to all our clients. We are one of the most trusted and preferred partner of families and professionals in the counties of Georgia. Ensure the future of your family and escalate the benefit of your properties by collaborating with us.

Looking for a safe and comfortable home can be confusing at times, plus there are a lot of factors that need to be considered before saying yes to a deal. Our expert and experienced real estate agents know exactly how to find solutions for these problems. With their extensive years of experience in the real estate industry, they know how to cut a long discussion of needs and wants into a definite list of the client’s preferences and locate the right home for them.

When it comes to property owners, our agents know exactly how to maximize the benefit of your resources. They help owners sell their properties to the right people and for the right value. Our real estate agents don’t just help you close a good deal, they also help with the legal papers concerning your property to make sure that everything is properly accomplished.

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