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Tenant Selection Criteria

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Resident Selection and Tenant Screening Criteria:

Fair Housing Statement
We provide equal chance to all clients, regardless of their color, race, religion, origin, sex, disability and sexual orientation.

Application Requirements
For all your applications, fill it out completely. Incomplete application may be denied or rejected. Provide necessary information as stated in the form, any omission and misinformation can affect your application.

Identification and Application Process
Person ages 18 and above must provide a government-issued I.D.

Housing History
Clients must have a good housing history, this is a considerable factor for granting every application. The complete name of your landlord and telephone/contact information is required for verification.

Eviction Filings
Unlawful detainers or evictions may be basis for rejection of an application.

Clients must have a good credit. Any past due, high debts and dishonored debts can be ground for the rejection of your application

Applicants must present verifiable and reliable income documents to ensure affordability of rent. Applicants must qualify for their personal income alone.

Business Relationship
A good and harmonious relationship between the landlord and the tenant is required.

Maximum number of residents equal to two persons per bedroom

Criminal History
Applicants must be free from any criminal records, as this may be ground for rejection of the application.

Employment Standard
Applicants must provide a verifiable employment proof.

By submitting your application online, you agree with our policy to conduct a full and comprehensive background, credit, and criminal analysis.

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